Earth Day 2021

10 Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day… every day.

  1. Unplug. Did you know that when your appliances or electronic devices are plugged in, they’re draining energy – even if they’re not in use?
  2. Flip the switch. Turning off lights when you leave the room is the simplest way to save energy. Create a habit for the whole family.
  3. Get walking. If you have a choice to drive or walk there, walk. Quincy Farm is the perfect destination!
  4. Go paperless. Did you know that 99% of all your bills can be received and paid online? Make the switch to paperless statements. It’s so easy!
  5. Recycle. If you already do, challenge yourself to recycle more. You’ll be surprised at how much can be recycled.
  6. Fix the faucet. We know how precious water is, especially in Colorado. Make a pledge to get that leaky faucet fixed!
  7. Plant a tree. Besides adding beauty and character to your landscape, trees remove carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen into the air.
  8. Grow a garden. How about a salsa garden or pollinator’s paradise? Don’t forget to incorporate organic, bee-friendly pesticides in your yard.
  9. Stop buying bottled water. Seriously, this is the easiest one, after the lights. Buy yourself a quality, reusable water bottle. You deserve it.
  10. Feed the birds. Buy yourself a bird feeder to enjoy the sights and sounds of native birds all summer long.

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