Community Support Letters Needed

We’re embarking on a new adventure. The Cherry Hills Land Preserve is putting together a response to the city of Cherry Hills Village’s request for proposal (RFP) of Quincy Farm. Along with our response, we are submitting your letters of support for our management of Quincy Farm. We intend to treasure and build on the hard work of those who came before us while upholding the integrity of and Cat Anderson’s purpose for gifting Quincy Farm to our community. The vision for our plan is based on bringing recreation, nature, farm, and people together. We will continue our work to create environment-friendly, community-minded educational programming with local partners.

We will bring Quincy Farm back to life for the community. You will be able to experience life on a micro-farm, explore wildlife in its natural state of being and engage in educational programs about nature and history. We will create common spaces for the community to gather and learn.

We plan to keep things simple and, of course, natural. The vision we propose for Quincy Farm will take time. Upholding the integrity of the land and our friendships in our community are imperative to our response plan. We will continue with programs, including bird walks, the 2021 Bee Project, guest speakers, family events, star gazing, Colorado history, and community stewardship grants. We work with nationally recognized consultants and have deep roots of support in the community and in the broader preservation community statewide. We understand the importance of doing Quincy Farm right by Cat and our community.

Can you help? A project like this needs our community’s support. We need your voice heard in support of our response proposal. We also are looking for financial partners to help us in our efforts. If you can help with either of these or have any questions, please reach out to or call Kathy at 303-594-4893.

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