We’re passionate about where we live and how the natural splendor of both public and private lands in CHV connects its residents in a way that transcends geography. We believe in room to roam, and that CHV thrives when conservation and community meet. We are excited to share our latest and greatest in our nature community with you.

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Yes, It Really Is Quieter When It Snows.

The silence after a snowstorm isn’t just your imagination — all those tiny flakes actually trap the sounds of your surroundings. Chris Bianchi, a meteorologist at Weather Nation, described the phenomenon as a sort of […]

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Meet Quincy Farm’s new Master Beekeeper

Joe Komperda fell into beekeeping because of his wife Debbie. She had been fascinated by bees for quite some time. It’s more than eight years since Joe saw an ad in his Parker, Colorado newspaper […]

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Regrowing America’s Forest Canopy

A recent study by the Nature Conservancy estimates a potential for capturing 314 tons of carbon dioxide in the lower 48 United States each year. This is the equivalent of removing over 74 million car […]

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