Why Land Conservation & Stewardship

The open lands in the Village are important to protect before they disappear.  These unique open spaces – including meadows, pastures, trails, woods, and wetlands - provide wonderful opportunities for us to connect with nature, recreate, and enjoy scenic vistas and wildlife.  They also play a critical role in the urban ecosystem by preserving wildlife corridors, watersheds and streams, and tree canopies that are essential to wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

CHLP believes we need both public open space and natural private land to build a conservation-minded community where people and nature thrive.  Land conservation and stewardship is a good investment both in our own backyard and for the landscapes across Colorado.

Ways to Conserve Land

Private landowners have two basic options to preserve and protect the natural landscapes and open spaces on their property: Donation of land (fee title transfer) to a municipality or non-profit conservation organization at full value or a bargain sale (the owner receives less than fair market value plus a tax deduction), and granting of a conservation easement that allows continued private ownership but requires the owner to give up future development rights. Both approaches can have significant tax benefits to landowners, either as tax-deductible gifts or by qualifying for Colorado and federal tax credits to encourage land conservation.

Learn more at Colorado Open Lands ( Individuals should consult their own tax and legal advisors to see how those tax strategies might apply to their situation and estate planning.

Conservation-Minded Land Stewardship

If a family is not ready to commit to a permanent land protection strategy, they can be a “conservation-minded buyer” that honors their stewardship responsibility and limits development impact, protects natural habitat, and preserves scenic view lines on a property.  These land management choices preserve the possibility of permanent protection in the future, and benefit wildlife, support biodiversity, and protect clean water and healthy ecosystems.

Whether you have a grass-filled lawn, a pond and stream, or hayed pastures and woody acres, you can be a good land steward by becoming informed and making good choices that benefit, rather than harm, the natural environment around us.    Learn more about Land Stewardship under our 2021 Bee Project.

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