“Bee-Engaged: An Average Joe’s Guide to Basic Beekeeping” Class (Virtual) Part 1

basic beekeeping hive

Start Event Date: January 26, 2021 7:00 pm

Event Location: Virtual on Zoom

Event Description:

This Basic Beekeeping Class is for those who are thinking about becoming Beekeepers (“Wanna-Bees”) and for Beginning Beekeepers (“New-Bees”) or Intermediate Beekeepers (“Lotta-Bees”) looking for a Basic Beekeeping refresher course.

It is run on Zoom on three consecutive Tuesday evenings Jan 26, February 2st & February 9th, 2021 from 7 – 9:30pm MT.
This course is certified as one of the Colorado State Beekeeping Association (CSBA) prerequisite Basic Beekeeping Courses for the CSBA’s Master Beekeeping Program’s Apprentice Level.

The Class Agenda:
Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Honey Bees – Why We Need Them
Module 3: Brief History of Beekeeping
Module 4: Basic Honey Bee Anatomy
Module 5: Disease & Pests
Module 6: Mites – Monitoring & Control
Module 7: Equipment Basics
Module 8: Apiary Location & Hive Placement
Module 9: Package & Nuc Installation
Module 10: Inspections
Module 11: Feeding Basics – The How & Why
Module 12: Split Basics – What You’ll Need to Know
Module 13: Swarm Basics – Why They Swarm / How to Suppress
Module 14: Colorado Cottage Food Act Overview
Module 15: Honey! Extracting Basics
Module 16 (Optional): Wrap-up / Q & A

Total contact time is 7 1/2 hours (three 2 1/2 hour sessions) and registration is $89 per household.

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Event Fee: $89

Event Registration: Click Here to Register

Event Images:
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