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A New Concept for an Important Fundraiser in the Village

For over a decade, Cherry Hills Land Preserve has hosted The Barn Party. The event has always been a huge success, and certainly the top social mixer of the year in the Village. This year, and in the post-pandemic era, the Land Preserve is looking to “re-imagine” this important fundraising event. 

Over the years, the Land Preserve has contributed to the community in many ways, with the strategic vision of educating the community on the importance of conservation and preservation of the natural elements of the Village. 

In 2021, the Land Preserve has a tremendous goal: to bring Quincy Farm to life for the City of Cherry Hills Village, solely for the benefit and enjoyment of the community. This incredible 17.5-acre asset is ready to be paired with a dedicated and experienced team, sponsors, and community support. 

Therefore, when creating the new vision for CHLP's annual fundraiser, the entire community was taken into consideration. What if each year, a new resident had the opportunity to host the event, and share their beautiful property with the Village? Thus, The Village Lawn Party was born. 

Please join us on September 11, 2021, from 4:30-8 pm at the Armstrong Estate for a night of community, gourmet food from Rioja, and amazing wine from Epoch Estate Wines.  

CHLP has designed this event in a smaller capacity and outdoors to maximize social distancing.

Tickets are limited to 200 for this special night, so please purchase your tickets early!

The Village Lawn Party

Cocktails & Conservation

The Armstrong Estate
September 11, 2021
Tickets on Sale Now!
limited for social distancing

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