About Us

The Cherry Hills Land Preserve is a local nonprofit organization that focuses on preserving natural landscapes, connecting people to nature, and helping nature thrive in our community.

CHLP was founded in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by a group of Village locals who recognized the extraordinary gifts of our community’s natural open lands and who shared a desire to protect and preserve them for current and future generations. These founders recognized the importance of preserving the scenic vistas and wildlife habitat that enrich our daily lives, as well as our part in the larger network of connected open space providing critical wildlife habitat and access to natural green spaces in Metro Denver.

Today, CHLP believes we all thrive when conservation and community meet. We work to preserve the scenic landscapes we love in our community, spark lifetime conservation values and volunteerism, and help children – regardless of where they live – explore a thriving natural environment. More than ever, we value our natural open spaces and appreciate our opportunities to “take a nature break” and get outside. We all play a part in making sure our corner of Colorado remains such a great place to live, and we CHLP works to inspire conservation awareness and action in our backyard and beyond.

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