Quincy Farm Comes to Life at CHLP’s 4th Annual Trail Walk

200 Cherry Hills Village residents, friends, and family gathered to celebrate CHLP’s biggest event of the year at the City’s historic farmstead and open space treasure, Quincy Farm. Mountain Crust served up a boogie good time with delicious wood-fired pizza, and the CHV elementary school ran a popular and sweet lemonade stand. Local Boy Scouts helped attendees learn the principles of Leave No Trace, and kids romped and played in the great outdoors, solving nature riddles from their handy Trail Walk Field Guide. Petey the horse made everyone feel young at heart with his generous, gentle nuzzles and quiet stares from those baby blues. Young Villagers decoupaged pumpkins and happily wandered the winding pasture with their parents. From babies to grandparents, and all ages in between, the hustle of life slowed down for this beautiful morning, with everyone enjoying the fresh fall air, this magical farm, and our unique community.

We are so grateful to our generous sponsors who made the day possible for our community and to our Trail Walk partners…THANK YOU!

Mountain Crust Pizza
Art Barn
CHVE Reach Out Club Lemonade Stand
Cherry Hills Art Commission
Denver Audubon

Boy Scouts
CHV Beekeepers
Platte Valley Pony Club
Highline Canal Conservancy
The City of Cherry Hills Village ~ Quincy Farm

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