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Help CHLP Make an Impact

Have you heard the buzz? Cherry Hills Land Preserve is championing our community’s small but mighty members, the bees!    Announcing the 2021 Bee Project: Some of Cherry Hills Village (CHV) smallest residents are also some of its most essential and unfortunately some of the most at risk.  Cherry Hills Land Preserve (CHLP) is partnering…

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Bees on your Plate

Please sign up to help one of our partners!  PPAN has been instrumental in championing change for pollinators.  Please join us in helping their efforts. We need 3,000 signatures to qualify PPAN to apply for a new Colorado Pollinator License plate! A beautiful, new pollinator plate would support programs that protect pollinators, create habitat and celebrate…

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What’s new at CHLP!

Dear Friends of Cherry Hills Land Preserve, We Are Excited About The Future Of Cherry Hills Land Preserve. We are writing this to you in the late days of fall and not knowing what the next few weeks or months will bring. What we do know is that nature and the outdoors are essential to…

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The Overstory by Richard Powers

From Goca Weis on The Overstory by Richard Powers: I recently read The Overstory, a novel by Richard Powers, and have recommended it to many of my friends. The Overstory drops you into the lives of 9 flawed individuals and their love for trees. Through their stories you discover how much like humans trees really…

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Upcoming Events

Summer Programs at Quincy Farm!

We are pleased to offer our 2022 programs at Quincy Farm! Please visit our Quincy Farm site for all CHLP programs here.

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Spring & Summer Programs at Quincy Farm

We are thrilled to bring you an exciting lineup of spring & summer programs in collaboration with our education and nature partners. Please visit our Quincy Farm Programs page at quincyfarm.org. Come explore the bees, goats, and your inner green thumb at Quincy Farm.

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End of Year Message

The Cherry Hills Land Preserve was reminded time and time again this year that nature can be an amazing teacher. Nature provides rhythm of the seasons, connects us with beauty in our surroundings, and engages our 5 senses. A daily dose of nature keeps us grounded and calm. We connect people to nature in Cherry Hills Village by creating…

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Angelina Jolie Advocates for Bees and Beekeeping

It’s startling at first glance to see an iconic beauty’s face and body swarmed by bees. A closer look tells a deeper story of the delicate balance between humans and the pollinating insects we depend on for so much of the food we consume. Three out of four leading food crops depend in part on pollinators, but…

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